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Easy Deviled Eggs

Crush this traditional recipe using French's Classic Yellow Mustard and garlic powder for a tangy-sweet flavor and silky-smooth texture. Top with paprika and enjoy.



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The time to draft your will is now

(NC) The holiday hubbub has long died down, and the cold quiet of February is sinking in. With relatively fewer errands on the go, now is the perfect time to turn your attention to drafting a will.

Of course, no one wants to think about dying – least of all during a bleak, dreary month – but it’s crucial to plan how your property and affairs will be handled after your death.

A valid will ensures your estate will be dealt with according to your wishes and with a minimum of complications and costs. Without a will, your spouse may not receive as much as you would wish, your heirs will receive fixed percentages regardless of their needs, and a court-appointed administrator will handle your affairs.

When making a will, it’s important to give careful thought to which people, needs or organizations you would like to benefit. It’s best to consult a lawyer or notary to ensure your will is properly drawn, which is much less expensive than most people imagine.

Here are 10 reasons for drafting a will:

  1. It’s your property. A will guarantees that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

  2. Children and grandchildren. A will provides for the care of any children who are minors, enabling you to choose a guardian. Should both parents die, it assures the children do not become wards of the court.

  3. Speedy settlement of affairs. Without a will, lengthy court delays could create undue hardship for your family.

  4. Estate planning. When skillfully drafted, a will allows you to incorporate tax-saving measures and avoid unnecessary taxes, resulting in increased funds for your beneficiaries.

  5. Simplified distribution of your estate. By providing a blueprint and list of directions, families will not have to guess about what you wanted.

  6. Peace of mind. A certain peace of mind comes from knowing that you’ve drafted a will that sets out your true intentions.

  7. Questions of capacity. If a person loses mental capacity, it’s not legally possible to write a will.

  8. Supporting your favourite causes: A will assures that you can continue to help organizations you have believed in during your lifetime, such as a health, education or sports charity, or to help a human rights organization like Amnesty International.

  9. Relieving any burden on your family. Reviewing the contents and nature of your estate and making your decisions known ahead of time for its disposition makes it easier on family members.

  10. Ability to be creative. There are relatively few rules to limit a testator’s (person who writes a will) ability to make creative, thoughtful dispositions of property.

You can receive a free information package on wills and bequests by writing to Amnesty International, 1992 Yonge Street, Suite #310, Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1Z7 or online at

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